Vertiplan Filing Systems


Vertiplan filing Systems include rolls of stripping, cut lengths of striping and white dividers. These hanging strips are designed for both Vertiplan and Planex cabinets and mobile trolleys.

These strips are a clear plastic with an adhesive at the top and precut tear drop holes. The holes are spaced to allow for the prongs of the cabinets to close within them.

Vertiplan Strips

  • sapoly  594mm
  • sapoly  707mm not generaly stocked
  • sapoly  841mm
  • saposev 594mm not generaly stocked
  • saposev 707mm not generaly stocked
  • saposev 841mm
  • saporol 341p
  • saporol 721p not generaly stocked
  • saporol 741p not generaly stocked
  • dividers 594mm not generaly stocked
  • dividers 707mm not generaly stocked
  • dividers 841mm not generaly stocked

Planex Pocket

  • A4 size
  • A3 size
  • A2 size
  • A1 size
  • B1 size
  • A0 size